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I gotta be honest hes saying every single thing I was thinking the entire time

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As my belly grew, the comments got even stranger. I had secretly hoped for no reaction, for our choice to be as common as saying, “I went with the mustard instead of the ketchup.” No reaction would mean something good, right? That women in this country are, for example, no longer considered the property of men, even in name. That archaic systems are truly collapsing. That we can reclaim language that was formerly used to control us.

But it seemed, at least to me, that using a woman’s last name for a child threatened everyone. An older woman asked me if I was doing this to make a point. Why was all this doing perceived as mine, not my husband’s as well? At a party, a peer told me she was “diehard Obama” and then argued that her only real concern about using a woman’s last name is that you risk the ease of preserving lineage and historical records.





Can someone please explain why nobody seems to like Janeway in the Trek fandom? I’m just starting Voyager and I’m confused why she gets so much hate…

You are clearly lost. In a strange strange universe. I promise. Janeway has a large and passionate fandom. And we are all lovely people, if I do say so myself. 

It’s true! I’d get lost in the Delta Quadrant with Janeway anytime. And yes, her fans are fabulous—the ones I’ve met anyway!

Come to the Delta Quadrant side. We have coffee and Janeway and everything is grand.

The people who don’t like Janeway are likely big giant douchebags who should be avoided at all costs.


So “Blurred Lines”… Great song, awful lyrics, right?

Well, Weird Al Yankovic fixed that for us.

Also, some grammar-nazi and kinetic typography porn for your thorough enjoyment.

Seriously, this made most of my upcoming days :)



as both a Harmonizer and a Mixer, I now have yet another girlgroup to fangirl over. Welcome Beatz

Girlgroups taking over the world. 

I was NOT expecting that